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  • Reduce working hours on errorprone, boring elements of research, complience and documentation jobs.

  • Increase the available information set and lower data acquisition costs.

  • Correctly join and integrate large datasets for automated modelling, machine learning and other advanced analytics techniques.

Our mission is to create actionable business and policy indicators with the help of advanced econometrics and machine learning using automated data ingestion and integration. Our target group are high value-added, small enterprises, particularly in the music, film, media industry and/or management & policy consulting serving such industries, where organizations or even their consultants do not have internal research and development, market research and data science capacities.

Our data analytics applications are reviewable and reproducible, which allows independent assessment and duplication of our results. This is a guarantee of high quality and security: our apps create data products that remain error-free after validation, and during validation any errors can be safely and quickly corrected. We are creating applications that are confirmable and auditable. These are usually required by the ethical guidelines and professional standards of our users.

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2020 Music Professionals Survey Wave

CEEMID is conducing its 8th survey programme this among musicians, music professionals, and music managers. This is the largest empirical research program in the world about how people work and earn their living in the music industry. Why? We are teaming up with some music organizations and research universities to form a Music Observatory, which will support all participant countries musicians with free data for royalty calculation, advocacy at government, tour scheduling and tour planning.

Reproducible data ingestion in practice

If your analytical work has used a certain type of data at least two times in the past, it is likely that the data will be needed again. This is a good time to make the data ingestion automatic and reproducible.

Increase The Value Of Market Research With Open Data And Survey Harmonization

The very techincal terms of ex ante , ex post or retrospective harmonization hide opportunities that can significantly increase the value for money in empirical market research, potentially increasing the value of a high-cost, high-value survey to multiple times of its euro value.

First CEEMID Regional Open Data Release

In the preparation to make the CEEMID available as an open-source data integration platform and as a source of open data for the European Music Observatory, the first regional dataset was published today.

Comparing Social Distancing in Europe

Based on the locational data of various smartphones and application data, we know that people spend 10-15% more time at home since January, and 40-50% less in their workplaces. Similar data is available for other locations.



Econometrics & machine learning


CAPI & online

Film Industry

Domain Specific Experience

Music Industry

Domain Specific Experience


Open Source Statistics




Jun 2020 – Present Den Haag, the Netherlands

First release of regions on CRAN.

  • Harmonizing about 20,000 boundary changes within Europe since 1999
  • Validating sub-national datasets
  • Joining Google COVID datasets.

[[experience]] title = “Team Building” company = “Satellite Report BV” company_url = "” location = “Den Haag, the Netherlands” date_start = “2020-03-14” date_end = “2020-09-01” description = “team” Responsibilities include:

  • Analysing
  • Modelling
  • Deploying


Apr 2014 – Mar 2020 Budapest -> Den Haag
An evolving project with more and more music industry stakeholders


Reproducible Consulting

Making sure that your recommendations are confirmable and auditable.

Automated Reporting

Regulatory compliance, research and forecasting reports.

Exploiting Open Data

Re-Use of Taxpayer Funded, Public Data Assets

Music Observatory

Collaborative reproducible research in the music industry

Data Observatory

Automated Data Observatory based on the principles of reproducible research





Istvan Zsoldos

Senior Data Analyst


Marta Kolczyńska, PhD

Reproducible Research Specialist

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Central & Eastern European Music Industry Report 2020

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iotables R package

The goal of eurobarometer is converting Eurobarometer microdata files, as stored by GESIS, into tidy R data frames and help common …