Reproducible Research

We produce reproducible analytics tools.

Our data analytics applications are reviewable and reproducible, which allows independent assessment and duplication of our results. This is a guarantee of high quality and security: our apps create data products that remain error-free after validation, and during validation any errors can be safely and quickly corrected.

  • Reports including private copying remuneration and value transfer calculations;

  • Apps including private copying remuneration and value transfer calculations;

  • Data Journalism such as re-use of public sector information and big data sources.

  • Surveys about cultural access and participation and about creating value and jobs in the music and film sector;

  • Experimental and Innovative Data Sources such as re-use of public sector information and big data sources.


An observatory is a location used for observing terrestrial or celestial events. The European Commission and the Council of Europe are supporting numerous data observatories to support research and development and evidence-based policymaking. We are creating automated observatories following the best practices of reproducible research. See some observatories »>

  • A private observatory is a data integration system, which automatically collects external information, processes it and professionally joins it with internal data resources.

  • A collaborative observatory is a data integration system that has a map to collaborating institutions’s data resources, and is able to exploit their synergies by automatically combining their data, triggered by an authorization of all involved parties.

  • A public observatory is a collaborative observatory that intends to make at least some of its data assets available as open data. ode chunk to prevent printing of the R code that generated the plot.

Our observatories fulfil important functions in data collection, processing, integration, and automated modelling. We provide these services as custom software as service products in the form of data applications. To design a good observatory that fulfils your business, policy, scientific or journalistic needs, we provide data curating as a consulting service.

The observatories are accompanied with automated reporting tools. These reporting tools make sure that your quantitative findings, regulatory filings, internationally localized dissemination is fully documented in a reviewable, replicable, confirmable and auditable manner. We create automatically refreshing technical documentations, dashboards, presentations, localizations saving thousands of error-prone human documentation hours. For larger business, policy development or journalistic projects we provide data-driven analytics consultancy and training for your teams to make the best use of their data observatory.